Leighton EllisDr. Ellis is a regionally and internationally registered Civil Engineer who critically analyze organizational systems and processes and provide optimized solutions through innovation and process (re)design. His professional journey is diverse and spans over seventeen (17) years’ experience, eight (8) of which unfolded in engineering practice and nine (9) in academia. Dr. Ellis’ experience in design and construction spans various sub-disciplines of civil engineering, namely coastal, structural, highway and environmental. In academia, he has led the development of future engineers through teaching and research at the University of the West Indies (UWI). In this role, Dr. Ellis has demonstrated strategic leadership in guiding engineering departments in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica to achieve international accreditation. Recently appointed to the Building Council in Jamaica and to the Governing Board of The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean’s Real Estate Investment Development (UCC’s REID), he has served as the Chairperson for engineering professional associations in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica, guiding over 600 engineers to rethink their engagement to service and commitment to the profession. The latter encouraged a resurgence in membership engagement and a thirty (30) percent increase in the enrolment of the relevant engineering associations. 

Dr. Ellis is a Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng MICE) with ICE who is registered with the Engineering Council (ECUK). He is also a registered Professional Engineer with the relevant engineering associations bodies in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. Dr. Ellis holds Ph.D. and MSc. Degrees in Construction Engineering from the UWI, Trinidad, and a BSc in Construction Engineering from the University of Technology, Jamaica. He also holds an MBA in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom. Drawing on his skills, experience and innate desire to guide the development and transformation of organizations in the 21st-century, Dr. Ellis stands ready to help executives innovate, redesign processes, make cultural changes, and motivate employees to achieve desired levels of efficiency and effectiveness.